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A2A Produzione S.p.A.

Milan, 23 June 2009 – Today a deed was signed by E.ON Produzione S.p.A. (previously Endesa Italia S.p.A.) and A2A Produzione S.p.A. (a wholly owned subsidiary of A2A S.p.A.) to partially demerge E.ON Produzione S.p.A. non-proportionally to A2A Produzione S.p.A. The demerger is scheduled to have effect on 1 July 2009.


Readers should recall that, as announced in previous market communications on 17 June 2008, 18 July 2008 and 16 April 2009, A2A S.p.A. signed an agreement with Acciona S.A., Enel S.p.A., E.ON AG, Endesa S.A., Endesa Europa S.L. and Endesa Italia S.p.A. conferring on A2A S.p.A. the right to start a procedure to demerge E.ON Produzione S.p.A. on 16 June 2008. It has exercised this right, and in this context a portfolio consisting of the Monfalcone thermal power station and the hydroelectric installation in Calabria, with their related assets and liabilities, has been transferred to the company benefiting from the demerger procedure, A2A Produzione S.r.l., against the cancellation of the 20% share of E.ON Produzione S.p.A. owned by A2A S.p.A.

This portfolio will be assigned complete with the asset and liability elements of the balance sheet at the date of efficacy of the demerger, according to the arrangements specified in the dermerger document and plan. So the economic, financial and equity effects of the demerger will be reflected in the consolidated accounts ofA2A from the second half of 2009.

The current capacity of the Monfalcone thermoelectric power station is approximately 1000 MW, while the current capacity of the hydroelectric facility in Calabria is about 550 MW. As an effect of the operation announced today, the generation capacity managed by the A2A group will be approximately 5700 MW, ofwhich about 1400 MW from hydroelectric sources.

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