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A2A sells the company BAS SII to Uniacque SpA

Milan, 23 November 2011. A2A SpA has signed a contract with Uniacque SpA for the transfer of the shareholding in BAS SII SpA equal to 99.98% of the share capital for a value equal to approximately 23.5 million euros after the distribution of reserves for approximately 2.7 million euros.

BAS SII SpA manages the integrated water cycle in the Municipality of Bergamo and in over 30 municipalities in the province; in 2010 it achieved revenues of around 22 million euros.

The transfer is part of the process of assigning the integrated water service and management of the infrastructures and networks dedicated to it by the A.T.O. (Optimal Territorial Area) of Bergamo to the company Uniacque SpA, insofar as a fully public company, under the "in-house" management model following the deliberations of the conference held by the A.T.O of Bergamo.

These deliberations declared the termination of the managements in place since 1/1/2007 for all the municipalities served by BAS SII with the exception of Bergamo and Valnegra which are due to expire on 31/12/2010 and 27/6/2026 respectively.

The operation will be completed by 31 December to allow certain technical requirements to be fulfilled.

Uniacque spa was supplied financial support in the acquisition of BAS SII by a pool of banks made up of Centrobanca (Gruppo UBI), Creberg and Mediocreval, which shared equally a medium and long term loan of 23.5 million euros.

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