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For all of us at A2A, it is important to harness the value of diversity and to create inclusive working environments. In fact, our People Strategy aims at a diverse and sustainable future for the communities and individual customers that we serve.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is based on the principles of integrity and the protection of each person within the working environment. Through our Code of Ethics, we undertake to ensure respect for the dignity of all, preventing discriminatory or defamatory behaviour and condemning every form of mobbing and harassment or unjustified attempts to hinder the professional prospects of others.

In 2020, we implemented the “Diversity and Inclusion” scheme, which set out to plan, develop and promote projects for the purpose of instilling a culture that fosters the full expression of individual characteristics and an increasingly inclusive working environment.


Back in 2018, the Group initiated its GEA2A (Gender Equality in A2A) programme, dedicated to the empowerment and the development of female leadership.

In 2019, the GEA scheme was well established and ensured a systemic approach to the issue with the introduction of measures at each of the key stages of the employee’s life at the company: from the choice of candidates to the increasing of awareness during induction, talent and role model projects specifically for women and ad hoc training courses for all managers.

ROLE MODEL PROJECT – Inspirational talks with secondary school students

We want to break gender-based stereotypes in order to ensure a more inclusive working environment. Since 2018, we have been taking part in the ELIS Sistema Scuola Impresa (School Business System) project, set up to provide training for young people, with a specific focus on girls and their access to professions in predominantly male sectors. Our commitment takes the form of inspirational talks by role models as well as online videos available on the EDUTV platform.

INSPIRING GIRLS PROJECT – with middle school students

We signed up to the Inspiring Girls project organized by the Valore D business association with the aim of helping young girls follow their inclinations free of gender-based stereotyping.

The Inspiring Girls project is aimed at all middle school students and involves the analysis of real cases, also available to the children of Group employees.


With the #Rispettiamo (We respect) initiative, we want to build up a culture of respect in all company relations.

The scheme was set up at AMSA in the sphere of the GEA project in order to raise awareness about the adoption of inclusive behaviour. The aim of the scheme is to spread a real culture of respect towards every kind of diversity.


Making use of the working capacity of people with a disability also means ensuring the best possible introduction of resources into the working environment in various areas of the company. For this reason, we started the New Energies project, which aims to establish an effective disability management model that facilitates the involvement of people with a disability in company projects, embracing the logic developed in the sphere of the FASI (Formazione Accompagnamento Sensibilizzazione Inclusione – Training, Accompaniment, Awareness, Inclusion) project organized by AFOL.


We contribute to change by collaborating with associations like Valore D (with support since 2018 for their female employment manifesto) and Wise Growth.

Our commitment to fostering inclusion and embracing diversity is also demonstrated in our signing of the “Patto Utilitalia - La Diversità fa la Differenza” (Utilialia Pact – Diversity Makes the Difference).

We are proud of being officially included, for 2021, in the Bloomberg LP Gender Equality Index, as one of 380 globally ranked companies who have distinguished themselves in the promotion of gender equality policies.


We very scrupulously comply with Italian legislation, which excludes every form of gender discrimination in pay levels and all other contractual conditions.

At the end of our 2020 salary review, we carried out thorough analysis of pay levels based on gender and have drawn up an action plan to further close the gender pay gap.


Human rights policy: In addition to the Code of Ethics, all of our companies are committed to the promotion and support of the principles of human rights as set out by conventions to which we, as a Group, adhere.

Recruitment policy: we undertake, wherever possible, to ensure the presence of women among candidates for selection.