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Staff development

A2A has always paid careful attention to the development of human resources, as it acknowledges that people are right at the heart of the processes necessary to achieve the business objectives and create shared value. In this sense, over the years, an articulated assessment system (performance management) has been implemented, which has become the basis for the definition of development routes for individuals or professional groups. The cornerstone of the new "people strategy" is the dissemination of a more entrepreneurial managerial culture, with the aim of attracting, developing and keeping human capital.

Continuing on from the action taken in 2016, 2018 saw A2A pursue and implement numerous change management and personal development initiatives.

The ABC project
The ABC managerial development project, started in 2016 to involve all employees on three key issues: listening, need, change.In 2018, the third phase began with the implementation of numerous initiatives:
  • training course for management > the first two training modules "Management and development of employees" were provided, aimed at developing a consistent and effective style and model of management of employees with respect to the current challenges in A2A ("smart management") and "Simplify and Collaborate", aimed at encouraging collaboration between people and simplifying activities. The first module has been completed by all those responsible, the second module will be completed for all by 2019;
  • induction course > dedicated to newly hired professional graduates under 35. The second edition, which began in May, ended in November and involved about 80 young people hired between 2017 and 2018. Two webinars were set up to present the induction process and to provide a deeper understanding of the A2A Group and its businesses, with particular reference to the strategic plan guidelines, through direct dialogue with the Group's Strategy Manager. Three workshops for the live stages: the first, "Me and the context", with the aim of facilitating the integration of young people into the business environment, the second and third, "Me and my abilities" and "Me and the future", which had the aim of encouraging young people to become more aware of their skills and how to best express them in the company;
  • "Young Talent" path > in September 2018 the "Young Talent" programme was launched, the first A2A Community made up of young people chosen by Management as testimonials for their energy and potential. A developing community, made up of 130 graduates under 35, who hold professional positions and that will continue to develop in the future with young people with potential who will join the Group and want to get involved with initiative, concreteness and desire to achieve challenging goals. The Young Talents were involved in a survey, the results of which were discussed with the participants in order to better define their path. At the end of 2018, the programme was launched with training actions and ad hoc projects that will see them involved in 2019 in webinars on business issues, webinars of periodic updates, breakfast webinars with management, launch of thematic working groups.
Supply Chain Skills Laboratory Project
In 2018, on the basis of the project carried out within the Generation and Trading BU, "The Supply Chain Competence Laboratory" was launched, with the aim of maintaining the knowhow of the area, enhancing the knowledge and technical skills of all members of the professional "Supply Chain" family. In particular, the phase of self-census of skills by employees was completed.
The results of this first phase were shared during a dedicated workshop with the participation of the management and all the people involved.
Following the mapping of skills, training and development activities were defined and are currently being implemented.


Through training, the A2A Group aims to stimulate and expand upon its employees' professional skills. In 2018, more than 227 thousand hours of training were delivered, for an average of 20.3 hours per person, up 8.6% on 2017. The significant increase mainly involves middle management and managers and is connected with the managerial development project and the increase of participants in language training. Overall, 85% of Group employees received training during the year.

Differently to previous years, the investment made in training (approximately 2.5 million euro), includes the costs incurred by other Group companies. In 2018, 29% of training costs were covered by interprofessional funds.

Some of the main training courses launched in 2018 were:

  • Offering techniques and consuasive communication: dedicated to the people who work at the Call Center and the Front Office of A2A Energia, aimed at developing techniques for offering ancillary goods (kit of energy-saving LED bulbs) and new services related to the world of energy (e.g.: boiler maintenance, repair of large appliances, air purifiers). The programme involved 215 employees with various training sessions for a total of approximately 1,140 hours of training;
  • Updating of the regulations for the people of the Corporate area on the legislative evolutions of Legislative Decree 231/01 and on the subject of Privacy. These two initiatives saw respectively 4,631 participations, for a total of 4,175 hours of training, and 4,360 participations for a total of 4,378 hours of training;
  • Mistral: a course that involved 3,335 hours of training, on the agile methodology, a founding element of the Operational Excellence programme, which alternates traditional classroom moments with experiential paths of redesigning the process in the field, with the possibility of immediately applying, in one's own role, the new methods learned;
  • Advanced computing: training courses have been created, for a total of 6,164 hours of training, aimed at using the new management


Team building M&A

a life experience with A2A Civil Protection volunteers

In May 2018, colleagues from A2A's Mergers & Acquisitions division took part in a team building session at A2A's new Civil Protection headquarters in Lovero during which they were involved in the creation of a "base camp" in emergency situations. The following day the group went to Grosio to identify potentially dangerous hydrogeological situations and visit the plant.