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The merger by incorporation of Linea Group Holding S.p.A. into A2A S.p.A. has been approved.

Milan,  June  28  2021 –  With  reference  to  the  merger  between  A2A  S.p.A.  ("A2A")  and Linea  Group  Holding  S.p.A.,  a  company  51%  controlled  by  A2A  ("LGH") it is  hereby announced  that  the  respective  Boards  of  Directors  approved  the  merger  project  by incorporation of LGH into A2A, drawn up pursuant to art. 2501-ter et seq. of the Italian Civil Code and which will be subject to the prescribed disclosure obligations within the terms of the law.

The extraordinary shareholders' meetings of the two companies participating in the merger are scheduled for the first ten days of October 2021 and the signing of the merger deed, after  the  expiry  of  the  legal  deadlines  for  creditors'  objections,  is  scheduled  for  31 December 2021.

The merger by incorporation of LGH into A2A is in line with the process of rationalising the companies  of  the  A2A  Group  and  completes  the  path  of  evolution  of  the partnership between  A2A  and  the  minority  shareholders  of  LGH  (Azienda Energetica  Municipale S.p.A. at 15.15%, Cogeme S.p.A at 15.15%, A.S.M. Pavia S.p.A at 7.79%, Astem S.p.A. at 6.48%  and  Società  Cremasca  Servizi  S.r.l.  at  4.43%),  as  outlined  and  described  in  the partnership agreements signed on 4 March 2016 and subsequently integrated. The merger is  the  culmination  of  a  process  of  integration  between  the  two  companies  which  has evolved  over  the  years  and, as already announced,  at  the end  of  the  transaction LGH's minority shareholders (who currently hold a total of 49% of LGH's share capital) will hold 2.75%  of  A2A's  share  capital. The  merger,  in  addition  to  rationalising  the  group companies,  will  enable  economic  synergies  to  be  generated  over  time  thanks  to  the integrated management of processes and systems. 


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