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Non-proportional partial demerger of Edipower s.p.a.

Milan, 24 October 2013. Following the press release of 28 June 2013, it is announced that the deed for the non-proportional partial demerger of Edipower S.p.A. was signed today.

As a result of the operation, Iren Energia, which thus completely leaves the Edipower body of sharholders, is assigned a compendium made up of the thermoelectric plant in Turbigo and the hydroelectric plant in Tusciano, the staff working in these plants, the assets and liabilities attributable to said plants and a financial debt amounting to 44.8 million Euros.

The operation is scheduled to become effective from 1 November 2013, with an adjustment mechanism relating to the effective financial position. A2A, which will hold a 71% stake, will be able to fully distribute the installed capacity of the Edipower plants, optimizing in this way the management of the Group's generation portfolio. Furthermore, it will be possible to proceed with the implementation of initiatives to increase the operating efficiency through fuller integration between A2A and Edipower.


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