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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Sustainability Plan

Circular Economy



Implement actions to reduce water consumption in capture and distribution processes, reduce water dispersion and improve the quality of water returned to the environment

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Linear water leaks (m3/km/days) – average 24.4 22.8 20.7 19.2
Population equivalent served by treatment (M) 0.6 0.7 1.1 1.9
Reduction in water consumption from aqueducts in electrical distribution - Unareti perimeter - % reduction compared to 2020 consumption (455,000 m3) - -29% -37% -59%


Reduction policies waste production

Reduce waste production through a prevention, reduction and reuse policy

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
No. of partnerships launched for circular economy initiatives 7 18 31 38
Territories where waste prevention and reduction actions are active (% of total population served) 89% >85% >85% >85%


Waste recovery and treatment

Improve the recovery process of waste collected (including through their transformation into energy) and promote separate waste collection

KPI 2020 2022 2026  2030
Municipal waste separate collection rate 71.1% 72% 74% 76%
Waste sent for material recovery in Group facilities (Mt)1 1.0 1.2 1.7 2.2
Collected municipal waste sent to landfill (% of total) 0% 0% 0% 0%


Performance 2020


renewable percentage (hydraulic, renewable fraction of waste, biogas, solar, wind) of the total of electricity produced 
(+ 6 p.p compared to 2019)



million of tonnes of waste treated in Group plants


smart water meter were installed by A2A Ciclo Idrico


incidents of high and critical severity monitored

Efficient management of Group infrastructures


  • Completed works on two new treatment plants in the Brescia municipalities: San Paolo and Offlaga (for a total of 14,000 equivalent inhabitants)
  • Start of the sites for the construction of the new plants for the treatment of OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) and the production of compost and biomethane at Lacchiarella (Mi) and Cavaglià (BI)
  • Acquisition of the Group's first wind farm (8,2 MW), located in Campania, and start of the procedures to authorize the installation of electrochemical storage systems for a portfolio of projects of around 60 MW to be built at sites it owns
  • A2A Calore e Servizi entered into an agreement with the REA DALMINE industrial plant, owned by Greenthesis Group, which provides for a 50% increase in the heat available in the district heating network of the city of Bergamo  
  • Completed, on the Milan electricity network, the plan to improve the resilience of electricity grids against the extreme events related to the climate change replacing more than 10,000 joints 

Performance 2020


million m
the Group's water consumption  
(-8% compared to 2019)


m3/year of water recovered thanks to the works carried out at the Piacenza plant


sensors ("noise loggers") installed in the historic city centre of Brescia for the Aquarius Project


total volume of water released for Minimum Vital Flow compared to 2019

Water used per unit of Energy produced (m3/MWh)


  • Achieved a reduction of the water consumption by the the companies in the A2A Group thanks to the recovery of process water and rainwater, the latter for the irrigation of green areas, the filling of fire fighting tanks and the recycling of washing water
  • Made interventions to recover and save water at the Piacenza power plant: capture of water used by the cooling systems of the offices, initially channelled to the drain, now instead recovered in the industrial water cycle; installation of solenoid valves to prevent the flow of water during the inactivity phases of the plant
  • Established a greater level of control over water withdrawals in water-stressed areas, impacted by: scarcity of fresh water available; possible complexity in water extraction and distribution to users; water quality characteristics
  • Start of the Aquarius Project for early detection of water leaks using a widespread network of non invasive sensors (capable of detecting the "noise" of a leak escaping from a pipe) and a dedicated processing platform

Performance 2020


million m3 of Group wastewater treatment capacity


controlls per million m3 of water supplied 


samples taken 
(-16% compared to 2019)(*)

(*)  The reduction in the number of controls was due both to a decrease in the number of analyses carried out due to the Covid-19 emergency and to the elimination of some parameters no longer found in primary waters


parameters analyzed  
(-22% compared to 2019)(*)

(*) The reduction in the number of controls was due both to a decrease in the number of analyses carried out due to the Covid-19 emergency and to the elimination of some parameters no longer found in primary waters

Purification performance

  2018 2019 2020
COD 94% 92% 90%
BOD 98% 97% 96%
Nitrogen 65% 68% 69%
Phosphor 79% 77% 74%



  • Completed work on the new treatment plant in the Brescia municipality of San Paolo, capable of serving 6,000 equivalent inhabitants
  • Completed work on the Offlaga treatment plants with a nominal capacity of 8,000 equivalent inhabitants
  • Upgraded the the San Gervasio treatment plant through the installation of a new modular treatment line with MBR technology with a capacity of 1,200 equivalent inhabitants
  • Start of work on the construction of the Valtrompia district treatment plant, which will make it possible to overcome the problem of European infringements for the municipalities in the area that are not covered by the treatment service

Performance 2020


sites analyzed


sites with potential interference with the system of protected areas


sites where it's possible to carry out an intervention because they correspond to areas subject to protection, of high ecological value and with the possibility of intervention to improve the ecosystems


  • Concluded the analyses of the potential interference of the A2A Group's activities with the system of protected areas, namely with sites belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) areas
  • Developed a "relevance index" to measure the degree of potential interference that the activities could have on the ecosystems, due to the proximity and peculiarities of the habitats present in the protected areas

Group sites and activities with interference on protected areas

  number of directly interfering sites/networks activities performed interfering area surface/interfering network stretch length type of protected areas
Sites 4 hydroelectric production 1,005 km2 Natura 2000 network IBA National network (EUAP)
Networks 3 distribution of gas/electricity 289 km Natura 2000 network IBA National network (EUAP)


Performance 2020


separate collection index of the Group  
(+ 2 p.p. compared to 2019)


tonnes of secondary raw material obtained from the Group's plants


tonnes of highly sorted plastic waste ready for grinding and extrusion obtained from the Group's plants


of urban waste collected recovered as a material (69.5%) or energy (30.3%)

Final destination of municipal waste collected


  • Created the "environmental meter" in Milan that quantifies the positive environmental impact of differentiated waste collection and recycling and recovery activities
  • Assessment of the circularity of the integrated water service as a part of the "RIECCO" project promoted in collaboration with the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa 
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Suez, aimed at creating a player of excellence for the management of waste from the Italian production and industrial system
  • Signed an agreement with Amazon to convey information about the search engine "Dovelobutto" through the voice assistant Alexa

Performance 2020


people involved in environmental and sustainability education activities


subscribers to portal
(+143% compared to 2019)


italian schools involved in educational evidence "Missione Terra – Global Goal Protocol"


participants - including teachers and ATA staff - at the meeting organized for the #Ambienteascuola campaign


  • Completed the series of 10 webinar "Agenda 2030: a map to navigate the present" to raise teachers' awareness of each school level
  • Created new video contributions (A2A Talks), in which some employees shared their know-how for the benefit of students and teachers about the energy transition, the circular economy, the latest generation of district heating and sustainable mobility accessible
  • Realized, in collaboration with the municiplity of Milan, the awareness-raising campaign #Ambientescuola, aimed at Milanese schools on the issues of separate waste collection and more generally on the development of environmental awareness, to contribute to the achievement of some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations
  • Created the collaboration between A2A and Deliveroo, in Milan and Brescia, with the aim of increasing and improving separate waste collection, starting with information and environmental education for citizens and commercial users


Other environmental education activities

Initiative Description Area of reference Participations
SCUOLA ZOO video strategy In order to raise awareness among secondgrade secondary school students, A2A has developed, with the group of Scuolazoo (the web portal that is well known and appreciated by this target) a series of videos made with a tone of voice close to Generation Z (from 14 to 18), on issues and problems related to the preservation of our planet through campaigns on Instagram, YouTube and video briefs published on Edu TV Web Instagram
4 posts/3 stories 281,543 views

Ciak l’ambiente Film review on environmental sustainability aimed at primary and secondary school classes of first and second grade Web 125 participating classes
Project "Scuole in Mostra” (Schools in Exhibition) A training programme dedicated to the primary schools of Acerra, which provided environmental education in the presence of all participating classes Acerra 16 meetings
500 pupils involved
Environmental education meetings In Bergamo and Como, the meetings focused on separate waste collection and, in particular, on single-use plastic waste, while in the other provinces they mainly dealt with energy and the environment Bergamo, Como, Brescia, Mantova, Crema, Cremona, Lodi 7,356 participants
e_mob 2020  Streaming educational intervention aimed at secondary schools, entitled A2A actions for the sustainability of cities and mobility, as part of e_mob 2020 (Festival of Electric Mobility)  Web 50 participants
Installation of environmental sensors in schools The pilot project saw the installation of environmental sensors in some classrooms of primary and first-grade secondary schools in Brescia, with the aim of improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in classrooms, as well as providing an advanced digital teaching tool for environmental education Brescia 10 classes
4 schools
Distribution of water bottles To complete the initiative launched dedicated to first-grade secondary schools in 2019, over 10,000 plastic-free water bottles were distributed to primary schools in the Municipality of Brescia Brescia 49 schools


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