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SDG 5: Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goal

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Sustainability Plan


People Innovation


Sustainability Governance

Ensure the integration of ESG issues into management models, corporate strategy and purpose. 

KPI 2020 2022 2026  2030
Diversity&Inclusion Policy By 2021 By 2021 By 2021 By 2021
Women on Group Boards of Directors (% of total) 26% 30% 35% 40%


Welfare, Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Develop innovative welfare policies, also in connection with the promotion of gender equality, and optimise competences through a generational bridge that allows for the transfer of knowledge and experience between the junior and senior populations

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Women managers 21% 23% 26% 30%
Disabled employees involved in specific support/inclusion projects (% of total employees belonging to protected categories) - 25% 80% 100%


Performance 2020


women of entire population


women manager of total managers

> 90%

female to male salary ratio in all categories


people with disabilities or invalidities (311 men and 88 women)  


  • Inclusion, in 2021, on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 
  • Incresead the female component in the new BoD, today to 41% of the members (percentage well above the Italian and sector average, thus aligning itself with the regulations of the New Corporate Governance Code)
  • Launched in AMSA the "#Rispettiamo" which is part of the GEA project and is aimed at promoting and building a culture of respect based on common values in all company relationships
  • Designed the “Nuove Energie” project, an organizational model of disability management to facilitate the involvement of people with disabilities in company projects


Recruitment trends by gender

Average salary of men/woman by category

Category 2018
Men/ Women
Men/ Women
Men/ Women
Managers 102.7% 103.4% 97.7%
Middle Managers 95.7% 95.4% 94.4%
White-collar workers 90.4% 91.3% 90.5%
Blue-collar workers 95.8% 96.4% 95.2%


Performance 2020


meetings of the Sustainability and Territory Committee 

months the frequency with which the Sustainability and Territory Committee reports to the BoD on the activity performed 


of managers involved in MbO System


of middle-managers involved in MbO System 


of employees involved in MbO System

Governance A2A


  • Made an Induction session for the Board of Directors on sustainability issues (Integrated Reporting, Sustainability Plan, Territorial Reports) and a more specific one on issues related to "Human Resources Policy" and "Values, culture and behaviour in A2A"
  • Strengthening of the risk model by identifying a driver dedicated to ESG issues
  • Progressive integration of ESG issues into due diligence processes
  • Empowerment of all employees of the Group in achieving the objectives of the Strategic Plan, also thanks to the remuneration policy: more than 32% of the Group's executives have been assigned specific targets (measurable and consistent with the objectives of the Plan) within their remuneration scheme that are related to the combat against climate change 

Performance 2020


people involved in smartworking in 2020


children of employees enrolled in daycare and  in nursery school
(13 in daycare and 18 in nursery school)


season passes activated


parental leaves agreed

Corporate Welfare


  • Further extension of the smart working perimeter to manage the Covid-19 emergency
  • Continued the nursery school at the A2A headquarter in Brescia, available for the children of the Group's employees and those of other affiliated companies
  • Organized online digital laboratories for the children of employees, the "Tech Camps", to bring the youngest members of staff closer to the world of technology and offer a recreational activity during the lockdown
  • Available online the social-psychological assistance service, involving the entire company population
  • Applied advantageous rates for the purchase by employees of season passes for local public transport

Material Issues

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