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SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

Sustainable Development Goal

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy

Sustainability Plan

Circular Economy

Energy Transition


District Heating

Help reduce the environmental impact of the cities, paying close attention to air quality, implementing district heating and district cooling 

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Energy from heat recovery/renewables (TWh) 1.4 1.6 2.3 2.9
CO2 avoided thanks to TLR (kt/a) -225 -273 -430 -502



Increase the proportion of energy produced from renewable sources

KPI 2020 2022 2026  2030
Total installed RES capacity (GW)2 2.1 2.2 3.6 5.7
Share of RES in total net production 31% 31% 36% 58%


Green energy - end-use energy efficiency

Contribute to the reduction of emissions of end customers through the sale of green energy and the development of energy efficiency measures for public and private real estate assets

KPI 2020 2022 2026  2030
Green energy sold to the market (TWh) 3.9 5.7 10.3 16.0
Loyal customers with energy efficiency services of total 1.4% 2.3% 10.2% 18.6%


Performance 2020


renewable percentage (hydraulic, renewable fraction of waste, biogas, solar, wind) of the total of electricity produced 
(+ 6 p.p compared to 2019)


million of tonnes of waste treated in Group plants


smart water meter were installed by A2A Ciclo Idrico


incidents of high and critical severity monitored

Efficient management of Group infrastructures


  • Completed works on two new treatment plants in the Brescia municipalities: San Paolo and Offlaga (for a total of 14,000 equivalent inhabitants)
  • Start of the sites for the construction of the new plants for the treatment of OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) and the production of compost and biomethane at Lacchiarella (Mi) and Cavaglià (BI)
  • Acquisition of the Group's first wind farm (8,2 MW), located in Campania, and start of the procedures to authorize the installation of electrochemical storage systems for a portfolio of projects of around 60 MW to be built at sites it owns
  • A2A Calore e Servizi entered into an agreement with the REA DALMINE industrial plant, owned by Greenthesis Group, which provides for a 50% increase in the heat available in the district heating network of the city of Bergamo  
  • Completed, on the Milan electricity network, the plan to improve the resilience of electricity grids against the extreme events related to the climate change replacing more than 10,000 joints

Performance 2020


TWh of green energy sold  
(+72% compared to 2019)

- 16%

 direct greenhouse gas emissions 

- 96%

indirect greenhouse gas emissions
(Market based)


million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided through the use of waste-to-energy, production from renewable sources and cogeneration 



  • Aligned the A2A's emission targets with Paris Agreement: reduction by 47% of direct CO2 emissions (Scope1) at 2030; reduction by 100% of indirect CO2 emissions Scope2 by 2024; reduction by 20% of indirect CO2 emissions Scope3 by 2030
  • Improved all indicators relating to greenhouse gas emissions, linked to both direct and indirect emissions and the Group's value chain
  • Start of the project of an innovative system for the treatment of combustion fumes of the Brescia Waste-to-energy Plant, aimed at reducing emissions and recovering the residual heat still present in the fumes for the district heating system in Brescia
  • Use of coal at the Lamarmora plant abandoned
  • From January 2020, start of the supply of 100% renewable electricity certified by the "GO" (Guarantee of Origin) for all the A2A Group's sites

Electricity produced by type of source

(*)For non-hazardous waste, a renewable fraction of 51% was assumed (ref. Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of December 18, 2008). Consequently, the non-renewable fraction was assumed to be 49%

SBTi Target Emission Factor

Performance 2020


suscriptions at the Bollett@mail service
(+ 75,3% compared to 2019)


Call centre satisfaction index of A2A Energia


Satisfaction index for municipal sanitation services of Amsa (Milano)


Satisfaction index for  municipal sanitation services of Aprica (Bergamo)

Customer satisfaction after a call to the call centre (% on assessments recorded)


  • Promoted new offers for the sale of green energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility products and services for our energy and mobility customers also continued in 2020 of the process of digitalizing billing tools for customers
  • Launch of the online quiz “PensoGreen” designed primarily for families with children, to promote the culture of sustainability between our consumers
  • Implemented the “Bergamo più green” offer for all buildings with a central heating system that can be connected to the district heating network in the development areas. New customers are offered free of charge the realization of all connection works, including the installation of the heat exchange substation and its heat exchanger and the reconnection to the existing secondary system
  • Available on the website of A2A Ciclo Idrico the new online booking service for the counters to avoiding queues and waits, and therefore assemblages 
  • Promoted numerous campaigns to raise awareness of separate collection (the communication campaign to improve the quality of plastic collected in Milan; the campaign on the correct disposal of packaging cartons; the information campaign on the damage caused by cigarette butts abandoned on the ground)

General indicators of the emergency service

2020 Standard A2A Ciclo Idrico ASVT
    Cases that comply with the standard % Actual average time Cases that comply with the standard % Actual average time
Response time to emergency call ≤120 seconds 91.55 64 sec 93.34 % 52 sec
Arrival time at the place of emergency call 3 hours 97,48 1:19 (h:mm) 100 % 0:47 (h:mm)


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