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A2A and Schools


A2A has been committed for more than 40 years to promoting a culture of environmental and social sustainability in schools.

Our new portal is our communication channel with teachers: on a single innovative digital platform, you will find all the information regarding free initiatives dedicated to schools on issue such as energy and the environment, new technologies applied to services for the city, sustainability and sustainable development goals.


Exclusively for our teachers, we have created EDU TV, a web TV channel with digital educational content for sharing in the classroom, including exclusive webinars and innovative videos divided into four subject categories: technology, sustainability, events and history.


Missione Terra - Global Goal Protocol

The educational project “Mission Earth – Global Goal Protocol”, which involved schools from all over the country at all levels, from infants’ to upper secondary schools, has come to an end.

An educational test was developed, dedicated to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, which asked children to choose one of the 17 goals and, with their class, create a freehand drawing, a storyboard for a cartoon, an advertising spot or a video report (based on their academic level) in line with the issue chosen.
Through “Mission Earth – Global Goal Protocol”, the 126 Italian schools that took part (infant, primary and upper and lower secondary schools) were able to reflect on the fundamental challenges for the future of humanity: the fight against poverty, the elimination of hunger, respect for the environment, peace, equality, justice, climate change.

Our thanks to everyone who took part!




These are educational materials that are useful for tackling issues in the classroom regarding the environment and the informed, responsible use of energy.

They are updated and vary according to educational level, from primary to secondary school.

See the dedicated section on Scuola2a



In some areas, where A2A’s presence is particularly significant, specific initiatives for schools have been developed over the years, such as environmental education lessons in the classroom, study bursaries, quizzes and television specials.

The activities are offered free of charge to schools, thanks also to the support of Fondazione AEM and Fondazione ASM, which have operated in this field for years.

Find out the offers for your area:




We believe that the ability to communicate with cultures different from our own and knowing how to share with others are fundamental skills that must be transferred to the new generations, making them aware of issues such as sustainability and respect for the environment that surrounds us and, therefore, for others. In pursuit of this, we collaborate with Intercultura Onlus in supporting 4-week summer programmes abroad, where young people have the opportunity to stay with families or institutes – depending on the destination chosen – in Europe, America and Asia to discover new worlds and new cultures, attend language courses and/or explore the host country in depth.
Intercultura was established in Italy in the years following the Second World War at the initiative of a group of volunteers who had enjoyed intercultural experiences abroad and realised their educational potential and innovative impetus with regard to traditional academic programmes.

For 60 years, Intercultura has promoted intercultural dialogue through international exchanges that have involved thousands of young people and families throughout the world and has engaged in research aimed at making the institutions and the Italian academic world aware of the importance of these experiences in an individual’s educational career and growth.

In the academic year 2018-19, 25 study bursaries have been made available by A2A (applications will be accepted from January 2019) in various areas where some of the group’s plants and branches are located.

For further information visit the dedicated page