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ICT - Cyber & O.T. Security

Sustainability plan


ICT - CYBER & O.T. SECURITY: Projects of infrastructural improvement and improvement of IT/OT/IoT/IIoT platforms and applications. Adoption of defence mechanisms and protection against logical, viral attacks

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Achievement Cyber Resilience ISO 22301 certification by 2022 by 2022 by 2022 by 2022

Sustainable development goal


Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation


Performance 2020


million euro/year the turnover for the lots awarded for the safeguard service


play areas (in Milan, Bergamo and Brescia) sanitized during the management of Covid-19 emergency



km of streets (in Milan, Bergamo and Brescia) sanitized during the management of Covid-19 emergency



calls received by the "anti-fraud" toll-free numbe


Customer satisfaction on the services provided at A2A ENERGIA counters

  2018 2019 2020
Positive 98.30% 98.70% 99.60%
Negative 1.70% 1.30% 0.40%


  • A2A Energia was awarded two lots in the tender to identify the operators of the safeguard service for 2021 and 2022, for a total volume of approximately 700 GWh/year. The lots concern the regions of Lombardy (lot 2) and Tuscany, Marche, Sardinia (lot 4)
  • Numerous concessions for customers in difficult situations linked to the Covid-19 emergency (interruption of suspension of supplies due to arrears, suspended the sending of payment requests; provided for the non-application of interest for late payments)
  • Carried out numerous extraordinary initiatives by Amsa and Aprica to manage the Covid-19 emergency (introduced a new street washing service, extraordinary washing of the play areas in public parks, mobile toilets for the homeless in 13 locations identified by the Municipal Administration of Milan, sanitization of roadside bins by Aprica)
  • Promotion of Bolletta Free, the service available in the Customer Area - on the website - that allows interacting with the bill from any device (PC, tablet and smartphone)
  • Strengthened the "anti-fraud" toll-free number, active since 2012, thanks to the “Acciuffa la truffa” (Catch the scam) project, carried out in collaboration with some consumer associations

Performance 2020


33% renewable percentage (hydraulic, renewable fraction of waste, biogas, solar, wind) of the total of electricity produced 
(+ 6 p.p compared to 2019)


million of tonnes of waste treated in Group plants



smart water meter were installed by A2A Ciclo Idrico


incidents of high and critical severity monitored


Efficient management of Group infrastructures


  • Completed works on two new treatment plants in the Brescia municipalities: San Paolo and Offlaga (for a total of 14,000 equivalent inhabitants)
  • Start of the sites for the construction of the new plants for the treatment of OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) and the production of compost and biomethane at Lacchiarella (Mi) and Cavaglià (BI)
  • Acquisition of the Group's first wind farm (8,2 MW), located in Campania, and start of the procedures to authorize the installation of electrochemical storage systems for a portfolio of projects of around 60 MW to be built at sites it owns
  • A2A Calore e Servizi entered into an agreement with the REA DALMINE industrial plant, owned by Greenthesis Group, which provides for a 50% increase in the heat available in the district heating network of the city of Bergamo  
  • Completed, on the Milan electricity network, the plan to improve the resilience of electricity grids against the extreme events related to the climate change replacing more than 10,000 joints 

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