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Financial capital

What is the financial capital for a2a?

The Financial Capital is the set of economic resources involved in the production processes.

A2A supports the economy of its territories

In 2020, A2A generated wealth for its territories of 1,853 million euro, of which 526 million euro distributed as staff compensation, 254 million as transfers to the public administration and 69 million euro as transfers to the local communities. The Group has also distributed wealth through 1.9 billion euro (+ 40% compared to 2019) orders to suppliers, of which 96,7% for Italian suppliers.
It should be noted that the Group operates (in terms of revenues, profits and related taxes due) almost exclusively in Italy. In fact, the taxes paid in Italy - in 2020 - amount to about 99 million euro. The Group also does not control companies with offices in blacklisted countries or tax havens. And as for taxes paid in foreign countries - in 2020 - these amount to 58 thousand euros in favor of England and Spain. 
738 million euro the total amount of the expenditure in the A2A Group (+18% vs 2019), of which 80% are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, 43% of investments concerned projects linked to the circular economy: as an example, works on treatment plants (with particular reference to Parona waste-to-energy-plant), the development of new sewerage system; while 57% concerned projects linked to the energy transition: interventions on the electricity distribution network to ensure the stability of the electricity system, the development of new electricity distribution network, the development of new renewable capacity, with particular reference to photovoltaic.  


Economic Added Value Distributed

  2018 2019 2020
Million euro 1,814 1,927 1,853


Some numbers of 2020


million euro
Economic Added Value produced and distributed by A2A Group


billion euro
Total Order of which 97.6% to italian suppliers


of Investments aligned with the SDGs



Leader in the combat against climate change score obtained in the “CDP Climate Change” assessment


A2A and the sustainable finance 

Responsible investment is implemented with the inclusion on the ethical indexes of listed companies meeting the main criteria of environmental, social and economic responsibility.

The Group is currently listed in the following ESG indices.

A2A is also included in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register and in the Ethibel Pioneer Investment Register.
In 2020, A2A confirmed its score of B- on the CDP Water questionnaire, while it obtained a score of A- in the Climate Change assessment, confirming its position as a leader in the combat against climate change; and Standard Ethics confirmed its previous positive evaluation (EE rating): EE (Strong) in the short term and EE+ (Very Strong) in the medium term.

In 2020, the Group also focused on questionnaires related to key issues such as Diversity, to assess its international positioning. For the first time, A2A responded to the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion assessment and to the questionnaire for inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which has been carried out since this first attempt.

In addition, A2A participates in the assessments of Vigeo-Eiris, RobecoSAM, Sustainalytics, MSCI and the "Top 100 Green Utilities" (of the Energy Intelligence Group).

And again 2020 for A2A was the year of strengthening its commitment to sustainable finance. The Euro Medium Term Notes programme was updated including three KPIs linked to sustainability: Science-Based Target, Renewable Photovoltaic Capacity, Biomethane Produced from Waste. This update allows the Group to potentially issue Sustainability-Linked Bonds. 
In July 2020, on the first anniversary of the bond issued in July 2019, A2A prepared and published the Green Bond Report  – available on the A2A website – containing an indication of the projects financed with the relevant metrics. The key aspect of this report is the extreme consistency between the bond target and the allocation of funds raised. 
Furthermore, it was created an interfunctional Green Financing Committee, with the aim of monitoring potential sustainable investment initiatives, underwriting any type of financial instrument dedicated to specific green projects and then guaranteeing their implementation.

Lastly, A2A has a solid and long-standing relationship with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the Group's investment programme. 
The European Institute finances specific investment projects that meet particular sustainability requirements, applying generally more advantageous economic conditions than the most common forms of financing. 
At December 31, 2020, the value of these loans in the Group amounted to about 812 million euro.

EIB LOANS BY DESTINATION (%) at 12.31.2020

Traditional sources of financing and sustainable sources of financing of the A2A Group in comparison

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