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Corporate welfare

Policies to promote the personal, family and work well-being of employees that, also through income support initiatives, are aimed at optimizing the reconciliation of private and professional life, fostering engagement, improving the work environment and developing a culture of well-being.

Performance 2020


people involved in smartworking in 2020


children of employees enrolled in daycare and  in nursery school
(13 in daycare and 18 in nursery school)


season passes activated


 parental leaves agreed

Corporate welfare 


  • Further extension of the smart working perimeter to manage the Covid-19 emergency
  • Continued the nursery school at the A2A headquarter in Brescia, available for the children of the Group's employees and those of other affiliated companies
  • Organized online digital laboratories for the children of employees, the "Tech Camps", to bring the youngest members of staff closer to the world of technology and offer a recreational activity during the lockdown
  • Available online the social-psychological assistance service, involving the entire company population
  • Applied advantageous rates for the purchase by employees of season passes for local public transport


Circular Economy
People Innovation
Energy Transition

Welfare, diversity and equal opportunities

Develop innovative welfare policies, also in connection with the promotion of gender equality, and optimise competences through a generational bridge that allows for the transfer of knowledge and experience between the junior and senior populations.

KPI Year 2020 Year 2022 Year 2026 Year 2030 ID Termine
Disabled employees involved in specific support/inclusion projects (% of total employees belonging to protected categories) - 25% 80% 100% 991 935
Women managers 21% 23% 26% 30% 991 935

Sustainable Development Goal


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Our concept of sustainability

Find out about A2A Sustainability delving into
the different dimensions of our model.