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Protection of occupational health and safety

Promotion of practices and systems for the management of health and safety at work, the monitoring of incidents and prevention measures, also through dedicated training, for both employees and contractors.

Performance 2020

- 30%

n. of injuries compared to 2019


the frequency index

- 8%

the severity index


vaccinations administered
(+112.5% compared to 2019)

Accident indices


  • Made compulsory training in compliance with current regulations, through the provision of online courses for all employees with company devices and access to the Intranet, during the emergency phase. When permitted, courses were reactivated in person in total safety through: the promotion of the correct use of PPE
  • Continued in 2020, the "Safety Monday", an initiative that aims to promote a true culture of safety
  • Carried out the pilot project "Asset Security" with the aim of improving and making more objective the assessment of machinery and equipment installed at two power plants of the Generation and Trading BU
  • Enhanced the flu vaccination campaign


Circular Economy
People Innovation
Energy Transition

Health and Safety

Consolidate the training and prevention plan to reduce injuries and develop new initiatives for worker health and safety.

KPI Year 2020 Year 2022 Year 2026 Year 2030 ID Termine
Employees with health promotion initiatives 15% 25% 50% 100% 25% 50% 100% 991 935
Weighted injury index 9.9 8.6 5.6 4.6 991 935

Sustainable Development Goal


Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Our concept of sustainability

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