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Relationship with group stakeholders

Development of business activities in complete respect of stakeholders, also thanks to transparent communication and full collaboration; participation in round tables with entities and institutions able to influence national and international strategies; promotion of projects for the creation of shared value in the territory and local communities (e.g. urban regeneration activities); identification of needs and necessities of stakeholders and project activities that can effectively meet their needs (e.g. social needs).

Performance 2020

> 600

stakeholder engagement initiatives organized


stakeholders attended the first meeting of the  forumAscolto in Brescia


stakeholders attended the second meeting of the forumAscolto in Brescia


Territorial Reports published (Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Valtellina-Valchiavenna, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Piemonte)


Engagement in A2A_the map of stakeholders involved and % of involvement


  • Collaborations between the Group and the world of re-search, such as POLIHUB and Cesisp Bicocca
  • Completed the activities of the two winners projects of the call "creiAMO Piemonte” (Mercato Circolare and Accademia dello Spettacolo), aimed at raising the awareness of young people on the subject of sustainability, which A2A supported with an economic contribution and a light incubation programme
  • Realized the forumAscolto in Brescia , designed to be conducted in two distinct moments of discussion: first meeting, held on December 2020, with the aim of identifying the needs and priorities for intervention for the sustainable development of the Brescia area; second meeting, held on February 2021, dedicated to identifying the actions and projects to be carried out, in relation to the needs that emerged at the first meeting and the strategic objectives set out in the A2A Business Plan
  • Presented during the Forum in Cernobbio the project "The key role of multiutilities for the sustainable relaunch of Italian territories", carried out by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with A2A


Circular Economy
People Innovation
Energy Transition

Transparency and stakeholder engagement

Develop integrated reporting and an adequate information system for planning and control Develop external stakeholder engagement activities, strengthening the relationship with the territory.

KPI Year 2020 Year 2022 Year 2026 Year 2030 ID Termine
Territories involved in multi stakeholder engagement initiatives/year 1 5 8 10 991 942

Sustainable Development Goal


Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Our concept of sustainability

Find out about A2A Sustainability delving into
the different dimensions of our model.