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People innovation

People Innovation

We take care of our people and our territories, because we want them to be the protagonists of the transformation that we are realizing towards a new model of development more and more inclusive



Consolidate and, where possible, improve the environmental education and promote the awareness of risks associated with climate change in the public opinion


Implement training routes aimed at optimising and requalifying competences and professional development (including on matters such as sustainability, anti-corruption and human rights)

MbO and Performance Management

Add sustainability objectives to the MbO sheets (correlation between Management remuneration and Sustainability KPIs)

Responsible Procurement

Develop initiatives aiming to spread the culture of health and safety at work amongst contractors and other suppliers. Develop green procurement policies

Health and Safety

Consolidate the training and prevention plan to reduce injuries and develop new initiatives for worker health and safety

Transparency and Stakeholder Engagement

Develop integrated reporting and an adequate information system for planning and control Develop external stakeholder engagement activities, strengthening the relationship with the territory

Welfare, Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Develop innovative welfare policies, also in connection with the promotion of gender equality, and optimise competences through a generational bridge that allows for the transfer of knowledge and experience between the junior and senior populations



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