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The Company

We are the first Life Company, with a local heart and global ambitions, born in Italy’s biggest multi-utility and with over 100 years of history.
We know the needs of the communities, the areas where we operate, and we have the strength to meet their expectations.
We take care of peoples’ lives, evolving essential services to satisfy the needs of today’s lifestyles while respecting long-term sustainability.

With a 10-year strategic plan, and a workforce of over 12,000, we are committed to achieving growth which is ambitious, because it is characterized by great discontinuity and digital innovation, and will see us at the forefront in the sustainable development of Italy.

By 2030, we want to make a solid contribution to the attainment of 11 of the 17 United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals.
Our new strategy foresees investments totalling €16 billion earmarked for development of the circular economy and the energy transition:

  • We are generating new resources in the shape of material and energy, and we are reducing wastage so as to preserve the planet’s resources and protect the environment;
  • We are developing the production and use of clean energy, speeding up decarbonization and fostering the electrification of consumption.

Results for 2019 show a gross operating margin (EBITDA) of €1.23 billion, net profit of €389 million (+13%) and investments totalling €627 million, an increase of 25% on 2018. These figures confirm our commitment to building a new model of the multi-utility, very firmly integrated in territories.


Dimension of the organisation(*)  2020
Revenues (million €) 6,862
Gross operating income (million€) 1,204
Net operating income (million€) 550
Group result of the year (million€) 364
Net debt (million€) -3,472
Total equity attributable to the Group and minorities (mln€) 4,166
Dividend (€ per share) 0,0800
Average market capitalisation (million€) 4,143
A2A people 12,978
Installed capacity (GW) 9,5
Electricity produced (GWh) 15,919
9Heat distributed with district heating (GWht) 3,146
Waste treated (ktonnes) 3,251
Electricity distributed (GWh) 10,781
Gas distributed (Mcm) 3,237
Water distributed (Mcm) 83

Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2020



Our Mission

We are a Life Company because:

  • We apply skills, know-how and advanced technologies to enhance the quality of life;
  • We want to lead the energy transition;
  • Waste, in our view, does not exist, only value: everything can return to being a resource;
  • We take care of our customers and our workforce every day;
  • We believe that change also implies a new culture that guides our behaviour;
  • We want to be at the forefront in Italy’s sustainable growth.

Our values

With our actions, we undertake to have a positive impact on the environment and work to ensure a better quality of life.

We believe in the adoption of new lifestyles, new forms of production and consumption. We invest in the spread of a new culture based on sustainability, on the generation of value, and on listening.


We are delivering responsible innovation able to generate technological solutions to the real problems faced by industry and by people.

We guarantee to the greatest number of people the highest standards of service quality, and we keep our promises.