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Operating with a competitive edge in the long term while championing social, environmental and economic values.

We have believed in the importance of sustainability for over one hundred years; it is our way of generating and distributing value in a lasting and independent way, attuned to reconciling the needs of those with whom we interact every day: customers, suppliers, associations, policymakers.

The experience of a grand past, the challenge of a continually changing future. Together. 


News from the world of sustainability

Integrated report

The integrated report represents a key occasion each year where we can have face-time with our stakeholders, analyse and speak to those efforts, and the attention we place on issues relating to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Subscribing to the standards set forth in the Integrated Report further allows us to describe how we can create lasting value, by analysing the capital components that influence, and which are influenced by, Group operations.

Sustainable Finance

A2A has fashioned a Green Financing Framework that aligns with ICMA’s 2018 Green Bond and Green Loan Principles

A2A believes that the issuance of “green” financial instruments – including the Green Bond as part of A2A’s EMTN programme – can provide a positive contribution toward the shift to a low-carbon economy. This is done by financing new and existing projects that make such a move possible, generating a positive ripple effect in terms of sustainability.

Green Financing Framework

Second Party Opinion - Vigeo Eiris

A2A for its local communities

We have, since 2015, published the Local Sustainability Reports, to tell our story, and to allow everyone in the community to see and understand the Group's efforts, and its successes, in the communities where it conducts its business. Moreover, beginning in 2017, these documents include a description of the efforts made toward reaching the UN’s sustainable-development goals, tailored to the needs of each community.

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