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Diversity and inclusion

Commitment to the development of an inclusive culture and work environment, valuing the principle of equal treatment of all colleagues based on professional skills and abilities. Development and promotion of n integrated approach to human resources management, through appropriate practices and working conditions to ensure equal opportunities for all employees in all forms.

Performance 2020


women of entire population



women manager of total managers

 > 90%

female to male salary ratio in all categories



people with dis-abilities or invalidities (311 men and 88 women)  time



  • Inclusion, in 2021, on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.
  • Incresead the female component in the new BoD, today  to 41% of the members (percentage well above the Italian and sector average, thus aligning itself with the regulations of the New Corporate Governance Code.).
  • Launched in AMSA the "#Rispettiamo" which is part of the GEA project and is aimed at promoting and building a culture of respect based on common values in all company relationships.
  • Designed the “Nuove Energie” project, an organizational model of disability management to facilitate the involvement of people with disabilities in company projects.

Recruitment trends by gender

Average salary of men/woman by category

Category 2018
Men/ women
Men/ women
Men/ women
Managers 102.7% 13.4% 97.7%
Middle Managers 95.7% 95.4% 94.4%
White-collar workers 90.4% 91.3% 90.5%
Blue-collar workers 95.8% 96.4% 95.2%


Economia Circolare
Transizione Energetica
People Innovation

Governance di Sostenibilità

Garantire l'integrazione delle tematiche ESG nei modelli di gestione, nella strategia e nel purpose aziendale

KPI Anno 2020 Anno 2022 Anno 2026 Anno 2030 ID Termine
Policy Diversity&Inclusion Entro il 2021 Entro il 2021 Entro il 2021 Entro il 2021 989 941

Welfare, diversity e pari opportunità

Sviluppare politiche di welfare innovative, anche in relazione alla promozione della parità di genere, e valorizzare le competenze attraverso un ponte generazionale che consenta il trasferimento delle conoscenze ed esperienze tra popolazione junior e senior

KPI Anno 2020 Anno 2022 Anno 2026 Anno 2030 ID Termine
Dipendenti disabili coinvolti in progetti specifici di supporto/inclusione (% sul totale dipendenti appartenenti a categorie protette) - 25% 80% 100% 991 935
Manager donne 21% 23% 26% 30% 991 935

Sustainable Development Goal

Our concept of sustainability

Find out about A2A Sustainability delving into
the different dimensions of our model.